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Lip Moisturizer
Our Price: $17.00

Smooth Finish! A transparent lip treatment that helps to moisturizer and condition dry, chapped lips for a softer, hydrated appearance. Special conditioners protect against the drying effects of environmental elements.
Lip Balancer
Our Price: $17.00

Balancing Act! A color-correcting lip treatment that helps to neutralize and balance "lighter" or "pink" lips. Gentle conditioning agents caress lips in a wash of color to help camouflage hyper pigmentation for long-lasting, even lipstick application. Ideal for all skin types.
Gentle Cleansing Gel
Our Price: $22.00

Gentle Cleaning Gel is a mild, gel-based facial cleanser lifts away dirt and makeup, while providing hydration with the soothing benefits of aloe. A special blend of botanical extracts deeply cleans and removes impurities, while protecting the skin's natural moisture balance. Ideal for Normal-to-Combination skin types.
Refining Face and Body Scrub
Our Price: $24.00

Refining Face and Body Scrub is an exfoliating cleanser that refines and renews the skin. Granular beads exfoliate and loosen dead skin cells, leaving skin silky smooth. A special blend of botanical extracts and menthol stimulate circulation with an exhilarating, cool feel. Ideal for Normal-to-Combination skin types.
Special Formula Lotion
Our Price: $24.00

This ultra rich body moisturizer helps condition and restore elasticity to dry, chapped skin.  Massage a small amount into skin after bathing for luxurious all-day moisture.  Recommended for dry skin.
Under Eye Age Defying Cream
Our Price: $26.00

Under Eye Age Defying Cream helps protect the delicate eye area against visible signs of aging. A unique combination of natural extracts helps to instantly relieve puffiness and tighten the skin around the eye area for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Ideal for all skin types.
Balancing Light Moisturizer
Our Price: $28.00

Balancing light moisturizer is a lightweight facial moisturizer, made with Vitamin E and other natural conditioners. Balancing Light Moisturizer improves the skin's condition by rebuilding and protecting the outer layer. As a result, the skin retains moisture in areas where it is needed for a nourished, softer and healthier appearance. Ideal for normal-to-combination skin types.
VANTEX® True Tone Exfoliating Cleanser with Vitamin C
Our Price: $28.00

Gently exfoliates and removes makeup and impurities, while moisturizing and nourishing skin. this cleanser contains antioxidant Vitamins A,C & E to restore clarity and radiance while stimulating collagen and strengthening elasticity for even, healthy looking skin.
Vantex® Skin Bleaching Cream
Our Price: $29.50

Vantex® Skin Bleaching Cream is a gentle fade cream that improves skin tone by gently fading skin discoloration such as age spots or dark blemishes from acne. Quickly absorbed into skin, this lightweight formula improves the skin's clarity revealing a more luminous complexion. Use during the day with Vantex®  True Tone Moisturizer SPF 15 for protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Ideal for all skin types.
Skin Renewal Exfoliating Cream
Our Price: $32.00

Skin Renewal Exfoliating Cream is a gentle exfoliating cream that helps to revitalize the appearance of dull, dry skin. Beta-Hydroxy acid helps accelerate skin cell renewal to reveal smoother, softer and more even-toned skin. Ideal for Normal-to-Oily skin.
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