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Lip Moisturizer
Our Price: 17.00

Keep lips moisturized and protected in all seasons.  Apply alone, before lip color or overnight to help maintain soft, kissable lips.
Lip Balancer
Our Price: 17.00

Help neutralize and balance “lighter” or “pink” lips with this tinted lip treatment.  Apply before your favorite lip color to help achieve even coverage and a lasting finish.
Gentle Cleansing Gel
Our Price: 22.00

This mild, gel-based facial cleanser lifts away dirt and makeup, while providing hydration with the soothing benefits of aloe.  It's oil free, fragrance free and pH balanced to promote and maintain healthy skin.  Recommended for combination and sensitive skin.
Refining Face and Body Scrub
Our Price: 24.00

Refine and renew skin with this soap-free exfoliating cleanser.  Granulated beads help loosen and buff away dead skin cells to reveal smoother, softer skin. Recommended for combination skin.
Special Formula Lotion
Our Price: 24.00

This ultra rich body moisturizer helps condition and restore elasticity to dry, chapped skin.  Massage a small amount into skin after bathing for luxurious all-day moisture.  Recommended for dry skin.
Under Eye Age Defying Cream
Our Price: 26.00

Helps reduce puffiness and fight the signs of aging.  A unique combination of natural extracts helps to instantly relieve puffiness and to tighten the skin around the eye area for a more youthful appearance.  If you used Eye Creme, we recommend Under Eye Age Defying Cream.
Balancing Light Moisturizer
Our Price: 28.00

Hydrate and improve skin’s appearance with this fragrance-free, quick-absorbing facial lotion. Vitamin E antioxidants and natural conditioners rebuild and protect skin, while helping to fight premature aging. Also helps to soften fine lines. Recommended for aging skin and normal-to-combination skin types.
VANTEX® True Tone Exfoliating Cleanser with Vitamin C
Our Price: 28.00

Gently exfoliates and removes makeup and impurities, while moisturizing and nourishing skin. this cleanser contains antioxidant Vitamins A,C & E to restore clarity and radiance while stimulating collagen and strengthening elasticity for even, healthy looking skin.
Vantex® Skin Bleaching Cream
Our Price: 29.50

This brightening cream helps improve skin clarity as it gently fades skin discolorations such as age spots or dark blemishes from acne. Recommended for all skin types.

Skin Renewal Exfoliating Cream
Our Price: 32.00

Help revitalize the appearance of rough, dull skin with this gentle exfoliating cream. Beta-hydroxy acid helps accelerate skin cell renewal.  For best results, use SPF moisturizer if used during the day.
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