Fashion Fair: 5 Last Minute Costume Ideas

How To Channel Your Inner Diva This Halloween With the Help of Fashion Fair

Contributor: Rhianna Jones

If ever there was a day for brown girl magic to shine – it’s Halloween. We get to dress up as our fantasy selves, whether you go scary, sassy or scandalous. As fun as it is to be a sexy nurse, a sexy witch, or a pre-packaged “sexy” anything, this year has been about woman power, and we think our costumes should follow suit. Pop culture - and Party City - may have you believe there aren’t many brown heroines, but we know better. This season, let’s get creative and be your own superwoman. Here are 5 last-minute options to channel the baddest brown girls in town. Get in the spirit, and kick some ass this Hallow’s Eve.


When Nicki Minaj made her SNL debut in 2011, her notorious skit as “Bride of Blackenstein” gave her spin on ‘70s era Blaxpoitation. This wasn’t the cliché monster bride in the shadows, though. She came out of the casket in all her her fast-talking, booty popping glory--a new-school, Queens, NY twist to a classic thriller.

Get The Look: Try a body-con white minidress swathed in store-bought cobwebs and matching platforms. Snaps if you can finesse her hair-raising ‘do by teasing your tresses to infinity, but a streaked wig will do the job too. Rim your eyes with Fashion Fair’s Soul Ice silver eye shadow and pimp your pout in FF’s Chocolate Raspberry lipstick. If you’re bringing a friend, dress him as the mad scientist or a bolt-necked beau. For all you single ladies, show ‘em that “Baby Got Blackenstein.”

Pam Grier as “Foxy Brown”


“Don’t mess aroun’ with Foxy Brown. She’s the meanest chick in town,” read the film poster for this iconic ‘70s film. The original black feminist manifesto, Pam Grier’s character Foxy Brown redefined African-American beauty with her empowering onscreen persona. Rocking her natural hair, killer style and heroic strength, she was the epitome of an independent woman.

Get The Look: All of Foxy’s looks in the film are epic, so you can choose from girl-next-door glam, head-to-toe leather or nighttime sexpot. Get her daytime vibe by tying a cleavage-baring floral shirt at the waist, show off your tummy, hip-hugging jeans and gold on gold accessories. Keep your beauty fly with our Perfect Finish® Illuminating Powder - Sun, Soul Ice” silver eye shadow and Brilliance, our glossy lip lacquer. If you have an afro let it free, otherwise work that wig girl.



Of all the sex kittens in history, Halle Berry as “Catwoman” is the cat that grabs back. A mere mortal turned crime-fighting vixen, she not only saves humanity, but looks damn good doing it too.

Get The Look: To channel Halle’s feline appeal, pair black peep toe boots with slinky leather pants or jeans, and slash them up like claw marks. If you want to bare all, try a black push-up bra and strap two belts across your body--otherwise a crop top or leather jacket will do. More is more in the skin department. Add elbow length gloves, a full face cat mask and a whip.

For a more demure version, look to Eartha Kitt’s glittering 1967 bodysuit. Emphasize your cat eyes with our black liquid eye liner and add a cherry red lip in-what else?--“Catfight”. Put the “fine” in feline, and slink around all night long. Meowwww!!

Aaliyah as “Queen Akasha” in Queen of the Damned


Aaliyah had the voice of an angel, but in her 2002 role in Queen of the Damned, she was the sexiest vampire queen you’ve ever seen. Queen Akasha was as evil as she was beautiful, with her laser green eyes and regal attire, she reigned supreme in the underworld. This costume is for the imaginative type, as it involves lots of intricate adornment and an elaborate breast piece.

Get The Look: Find a thick gold belt to sling over a black maxi skirt or draped cloth. Tape on tin foil pasties à la Lil Kim and top off with an ornate gold necklace. Drape matching fabric scraps from two arm bangles and find a medieval-esque crown. The beauty is all in the eyes, and hers could turn man to stone. Give your brows a curving tail, go overboard on the smoky eye with our Jade Onyx eye shadow and slick on the Vex Lip Teasers® to show your fangs off with a smile. Get lit and raise hell.

Grace Jones as “May Day” in A View to Kill


Hell hath no fury like Grace Jones as a Bond Girl. The disco queen and fashion icon’s portrayal as henchwoman May Day in 1985’s A View to Kill is the ultimate femme fatale. She parachutes from the Eiffel Tower, tames wild horses in heels and even uses seduction as her secret weapon to lure 007. As the longtime muse of French designer Azzedine Alaïa, her outfit serves all the ‘90s supermodel vibes, and as such, this look is hot enough to sport all season long.

Get The Look: Drape a reversible silk scarf over your head or slip a hooded blouse under your sexiest leather jacket. Pair with a skinny pant or leggings and sling-back kitten heels. Mastering “May Day” is all in the dramatic make-up. To cop Grace’s signature heavy red and black eye shadow, try our Ginger Snap and Noir shades, top off with FF’s bold Rage lipstick. Whether you have a razor coif or not, put your fiercest face forward.