A Model’s Diary: A Day In The Life of Anzie Dasabe’s NYFW

Ever wondered what it’s like for a model during the neck-breaking pace of NYFW? Anzie Dasabe, one of New York’s rising fashion stars, fills Fashion Fair in!

Contributor: Staff

Starting my day off right by making one of my favorite meals. I love omelets with egg whites, sauteed spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, and mushrooms. I really love food that is colorful and beautiful to look at. Cutting veggies first thing in the morning is soothing and helps me pay attention to detail. Baby spinach always leaves me feeling refreshed and energized which is just what I need to get through the day! It is not pictured, but I also had some yummy peach tea with raw honey and lemon to help me beat the fashion week flu going around.

Pre-makeup selfie walking to the train to head to the show venue for show number one, Maki Oh. This is always my favorite part of my walk because the sun hits my face just right. It’s also right next to a beautiful park in Brooklyn with vibrant flowers that wave at me every time I pass them. The birds are chirping, my heels are hitting the ground to create a comfortable cadence, and I finally had time to make breakfast. This is going to be a great day! Hence my huge goofy smile.

I brought my Fashion Fair faves along with me to the show. Liquid Eyeliner, Gold Eyeshadow, cocoa Fast Finish® Foundation Stick, and one of my top 5 favorite red lipsticks “Spicy Plum”. This show prefered a more minimal look with a bold lip so we only used the cocoa foundation stick and a bit of the gold eyeshadow as a highlighter. The rest of the look was accomplished using Bobbi Brown cosmetics. My favorite part of the makeup lip had to be the dark lip. Usually I prefer a gloss or a red on myself, but the blackberry lipstick fit really well with the look.

I’m joined by fellow model Bri before we head to makeup! Bri is among the amazing black girls I got to meet during the preparation and duration of the Maki Oh show. As excited as we both were to get into makeup we were both really into the hairstyle we had for the show. Our pre-makeup post hair selfie game was super strong.

I took a picture of the board and didn’t realize until afterwards that ALL the models were black women. After making that realization I thought about the women who actually put together the show and realized that they too were all black women. Being apart of a show that supports black womanhood and creativity was so affirming for me. I built a genuine bond with almost all of the models on set and even made plans to hang out with some of them! I’m so thankful I got to walk in this show and make new friends who completely and wholeheartedly understand me!

Before we even got into our looks we rehearsed the show twice. All but five girls were supposed to walk down the runway then stand slightly in front of the wall. The other five girls proceeded to play a game of musical chairs that ended with a different mischievous winner each time. I knew the show was going to be great after my fitting, but actually seeing the movements before it all came together both excited and frightened me.

I wore one of my favorite outfits to the show. If I was a cartoon character this would be my re-occuring outfit. I used to hate camo pants until saw Tracee Ellis Ross in a similar pant silhouette paired with Fenty Puma heels. I was super inspired and decided to put my own spin on the look by adding a t shirt given to me by someone special, cameo pants, and patch work denim heels. I wanted to make sure I would look effortlessly fresh, on and off the runway. It definitely worked! When I got out of the car to get to the Skylight Clarkson I was immediately swarmed by press to be street styled for cool publications!

My look for the show was so beautiful when it all came together. I’ll admit I was hesitant after the fitting because I hadn’t seen my look on myself yet, but I think that made me love it even more. I was genuinely surprised post-hair-and-makeup when they finally got us into our looks. I was also extremely surprised that a designer wanted to book me with my blonde hair. After dyeing my hair, a lot of my clients have been asking me to wear wigs more, but Maki wanted my blonde afro. Being surrounded by other colorful afros of all shapes and sizes made me so proud to be apart of something so completely for us by us.

It’s show time! All the girls are dressed, faces are beat, and the stylists are coming around to make last minute adjustments. Most of us are going through the show choreography again to make sure everything is just right. In the midst of the chaos I caught this pre-show selfie with Mekdes Mersha and Chandler Estelle.

Right before the show I listened to one of my favorite songs to walk to: “Pose” by Rihanna! It always makes me feel good right before I’m about to stomp down the runway. The lyrics remind me to put my all into every step and never let the energy in my face fluctuate. I’m hoping that one of these days I’ll get to listen to this song before walking a Fenty Puma show. Fingers crossed!

I usually write poetry in my journal, but as of late I’ve just been using it to document my feelings. Usually in my downtime I’ll listen to podcasts, but I needed to let my phone charge so I chose to write instead. I think documentation of feelings is extremely important to self growth. Which sounds extremely cliche, but it’s going to be so amazing to get to look back at this entry in 5 years when I’m opening and closing show after show.

All the girls from the show pictured as well as the designer Amaka and her two amazing stage managers. There was so much love in the room I hope it translates through the photo. For the finale of the show we all ran out clapping and hugged Amaka. I think I can speak for all the models when I say it was extremely refreshing to get to be with a nearly all black women cast that were brilliant professionals independent of the show.

After the show is over I head from Chelsea to the Skylight Clarkson Square. It was a bit of a long ride because of Fashion Week traffic, but it was nice to take off my shoes and rest for a moment. My Uber driver asked if I was supermodel upon getting in the car which made me feel really good even though I’m no where close to that title yet. The supermodel title followed me all the way to the next venue. Upon getting out of the car I was swarmed by press. I felt like Rihanna when she was telling them to “Get out mi way” because I had two minutes until call time. Still the feeling of knowing you look great and people wanting to photograph you for it is unmatched.

Jamall designed a piece that I wore on my first magazine cover, Cep Journal, so it was only fitting that I walk in his senior thesis show for RISD.

The last photo is post show with Jamall and all of his models. We were the last collection to walk for the night and I know it’s a bit biased, but I know we’re the best. All of us came out ripping up the runway with our energetic walks and Jamall’s amazing pieces. After the show a lot of people came up and complimented his craftsmanship and came and found me to compliment my walk! I’m so glad that everything turned out just the way he had imagined it. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for next season. This has been such a great fashion week I’m glad I got to share it with you all!